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سراج الدین ظفر - Siraj Ul Din Zafar


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سراج الدین ظفر کی شاعری

ہم آہوان _ شب کا بھرم کھولتے رہے

Hum Aahwan E Shab Ka Bharm Khote Rahte

(Siraj ul Din Zafar) سراج الدین ظفر

ادھر وہ دیر قیامت میں تھی، کہ ہُو کرتے

Idhar Wo Dar Qayamt Mein Thi Ke Ho Karte

(Siraj ul Din Zafar) سراج الدین ظفر

Sirajuddin Zafar was born on 25 March 1912 in Jhelum. He did F.A from F.C. College, Lahore, in 1930. After finishing his education, he began the training of a pilot and got an A class license from Delhi Flying Club. Hecompleted his graduation from F.C College in 1933 and did his L.L.B in 1935. He joined the air force as an officer during the Second World War. The literary world knows him by his pen name, Zafar. Besides Urdu, he was also a poet of English. Zamzama-E-Hayaat and Ghizaal-O-Ghazal are collections of his poetry. Feroz and Sons published his collection of short stories in 1943, known as Aaine. He was the disciple of Seemab Akbarabadi. He passed away on 6 May 1972 in Karachi.

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