Washma Khanwashma Poetry, Urdu Shayari of Washma Khanwashma

Washma Khanwashma Poetry, Washma Khanwashma Shayari
Washma Khanwashma Poetry - Washma Khanwashma is the poet of the new generation. Among the emerging Urdu Poets, Washma Khanwashma is getting much fame in a short time. On this page of UrduPoint, you can read all the Urdu Shayari by Washma Khanwashma. Read the Urdu Poetry of Washma Khanwashma, and you will surely like it.

وشمہ خان وشمہ کی شاعری

نام وشمہ خان وشمہ مردان سے تعلق ہے کراچی میں پیدا ہوئی ،سات سال کی عمر سے پاکستان سے باہر چلی گئی ۔ مختلف مما لک میں رہی شاعری کا بہت شوق ہے اپنی کتابوں کو ترتیب دینا نام خود دینا مجھے پسند ہے ۔۔میری پہلی کتاب سرگوشیاں ۲۰۱۱ میں ماسکو سے پبلش ہوئی۔۔ میری دوسری کتاب جان محسن ۲۰۱۴ میں رومانیہ سے پبلش ہوئی۔میری تیسری کتاب نیویارک سے ۲۰۱۵ میں پبلش ہوئی میری چوتھی کتاب عکس وشمہ ۲۰۱٦ میں ملایشا سے پبلش ہوئی ۔۔۔

Washma Khanwashma Poetry

Urdu poetry is very vast, and many new poets are emerging with time. UrduPoint provides an excellent opportunity for new Urdu Poetry writers to publish their poetry here so that Urdu Poetry lovers can read it. Washma Khanwashma is also among the emerging Urdu Poets. Washma Khanwashma writes impressive Urdu Shayari; you will surely love it when you read it.

Urdu Poetry by Washma Khanwashma is becoming very famous among Urdu poetry lovers in no time. More and more people now love to read Urdu Shayari of Washma Khanwashma. You can also read the complete collection of Washma Khanwashma Urdu Shayari here.

Read Washma Khanwashma Urdu Poetry, and you will like it for sure. Also, don’t forget to share your favorite Urdu Poetry of Washma Khanwashma with your friends.