New Urdu Poets Name Starting with "ج" Che

" ج " سے شروع ہونے والے نئے شعراء کے نام

جویرہ عنمبر

Javeria Umber

جعفر حسین جعفری

Jafar Hussain Jafary



جنید جاذب

Junaid Jazib

جوادالحسنین جواد

Jawad Ul Hasnain Jawad

جہانزیب زیبی

Jahanzaib Zebe

جمال الدین جمال



Jabbar Anjum

جاوید ڈینی ایل

Javaid Daniel

جواد ثاقب

Jawad Saqib

جعفر جمیل

Jafar Jamil

Jahanzeb Kunjahi Poetry

جہانزیب کُنجاہی

Jahanzeb Kunjahi

Javed  Iqbal Poetry

جاوید اقبال

Javed Iqbal

Jamshed Poetry



Jamil Ahamd Jamil Poetry

جمیل احمد جمیل

Jamil Ahamd Jamil

Gcbosaal Poetry

جی سی بوسال


Jabbar Anjum Poetry

جبار انجم

Jabbar Anjum

Urdu Point also has a section of User Poets that provide a chance to people to share their poetry. Users can also get their poetry uploaded on that page so that everyone can read the poetry written by them. You can easily upload your Urdu poetry and let others get to know about your wonderful work of poetry.

This is a way to provide a chance to the new poets who don’t have any platform to publish their work. We must appreciate the young people who have the talent to add worth to the Urdu Poetry. If you want to be a successful poet but you don’t have any platform to show your talent then Urdu Point helps you in this regard.

You can easily share romantic or sad poetry here with your own name and let your work get the worth. If you have the capability to write magical words that can rule the hearts of the people then you must share your poetry with us. We suggest you to contribute your poetry in the section of user poets so that your poetry and get the recognition.