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ذکیہ غزل - Zakia Ghazal


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ذکیہ غزل کی شاعری

عشق میں تیرے جنگل بھی گھر لگتے ہیں

Ishq Mein Tere Jangle Bhi Ghar Lagte Hain

(zakia ghazal) ذکیہ غزل

Zakiya Waseem is her complete name and her pen name is Zakiya Ghazal. She was born on 20 October 1963 in Karachi. She did her Masters in psychology. She had been the counselor of her department and president of her college. She got three gold medals, more than sixty trophies and countless certificates and bronze and silver medals through curricular and extracurricular activities. She has a melodious voice. She had been the announcer at Radio Pakistan for more than five years. Baadal Geet Hawa Aur Mai is the collection of her poetry.

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