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Zehra Nigah Poetry, Zehra Nigah Shayari

زہرہ نگاہ - Zehra Nigah


Poetry of Zehra Nigah, Urdu Shayari of Zehra Nigah

زہرہ نگاہ کی شاعری

یہ سچ ہے یہاں شور زیادہ نہیں ہوتا

Yeh Such Hae Yahan Shor Zeyada Nahi Hota

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

نقش کی طرح ابھرنا بھی تمہی سے سیکھا

Naqsh Ki Tarha Obharna Bhi Tumhi Se Seekha

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

سفر خود رفتگی کا بھی عجب انداز تھا

Safar Khud-raftagi Ka Bhi Ajab Andaz Tha

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

رستے سے محافظ کا خطرہ جو نکل جاتا

Rastay Say Mohafiz Ka Khatra Jo Nikal Jata

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

رات گہری تھی پھر بھی سویرا سا تھا

Raat Gehri Thi Phir Bhi Swera Sa Tha

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

رات عجب آسیب زدہ سا موسم تھا

Raat Ajab Aaseb Zada Sa Maosam Tha

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

جاں دینا بس ایک زیاں کا سودا تھا

Jaan Dena Bas Aik Zeyan Ka Saoda Tha

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

اس رہ گزر میں اپنا قدم بھی جدا ملا

Es Reh-guzar Main Apna Qadam Bhi Juda Mila

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

اپنا ہر انداز آنکھوں کو تر و تازہ لگا

Apna Har Andaz Ankhon Ko Tar O Taza Laga

(Zehra Nigah) زہرہ نگاہ

Zehra Nigah is an Urdu poet and scriptwriter from Pakistan. She was one of two female poets to gain importance in the 1950s when the scene was dominated by men. She has written several television drama serials. She has also received various awards including Pride of Performance in recognition of her literary works in 2006.

Zehra was born in Hyderabad, British India. She migrated to Pakistan after the 1947 independence of Pakistan. Her father was a civil servant with an interest in poetry. Zehra's elder sister, Fatima Surayya Bajia, is also a writer. One of her brothers, Anwar Maqsood, is a writer, satirist and a television host and another brother, Ahmad Maqsood was Secretary to the Government of Sindh. She married Majid Ali, who was a civil servant and had interest in Sufi poetry.

Zehra Nigah began her writing career during her childhood. When she was 14 years old, she learned the poetry of prominent poets by heart. She is inspired by classical tradition of Urdu poetry. In 2012, an event was held by the fellow writers at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi to launch a CD of Zehra Nigah's poetry in her own voice. The event was presided over by the writer Intezar Hussain and also included the famous humorist Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi.

His most famous Publications are Sham Ka Pehla Tara ,Waraq, Firaq.

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