PP-176 Kasur, Provincial Punjab Assembly Constituency

PP-176 is constituency of Punjab Assembly of Pakistan. It is located in District Kasur, The Constituency had registered voters in 2018 general election, total votes were casted.
Complete election history of PP-176 is given below, including the candidates and political parties which have participated in the elections, general election results and bye-elections result, profiles of candidates is also given below which includes the history and contact details.

Elections in PP-176

Candidates in PP-176

Politician Name Party Affiliation
Akhtar Hussain Millat Party
Akhtar Hussain Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
Ali Ahmad Dogar Independent
Amjad Ali Tufail Independent
Asad Ullah Khan Independent
Asif Naeem Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
Chudhary Muhammad Ali Independent
Chudhary Muhammad Saleem Nasim Sandhu Independent
Faisal Dilshad Ghouri Independent
Haji Muhammad Younas Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan
Mohammad Anis Qureshi Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Mohammad Sharif Jamiat Ulama-e-pakistan (Noorani)
Mohammad Tasleem Independent
Muhammad Akbar Independent
Muhammad Rafique Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F)
Muhammad Sharif Sabir Independent
Nasir Iqbal Independent
Nayab Ahmad Independent
Rao Abdul Rashid Independent
Rao Ali Afsar Independent
Sardar Nabi Ahmad Advocate Independent
Shahbaz Ali Virk Independent
Shakeel Ahmad Independent
Tahir Asghar Ghouri Independent
Tanveer Arshad Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf
Amjad Ali Tufail Independent
Ch.imran Aslam Khan Advocate Independent
Ch.khalid Hussain Khan Independent
Ch.muhammad Naseem Saleem Sindhu Advocate Independent
Farooq Ahmad Joia Independent
Major(R) Rana Abdul Ghaffar Khan Independent
Malik Akhtar Hussain Naul Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
Naeem Adnan Zahid Independent
Nasir Iqbal Independent
Sadar Shaukat Ali Dogar Pakistan Muslim League
Sardar Asad Ullah Khan Independent
Sardar Muhammad Sharif Dogar Independent
Sardar Nabi Ahmad Advocate Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Sardar Riaz Ahmad Dogar Independent
Shabbir Ahmad Independent
Tanveer Hayat Joya Adovcate Independent

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