General Elections 2017

National Assembly General Election 2017

General election 2018 in Pakistan are scheduled on 25th July 2018. After 2017 census, The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced new constituencies, this election will be held according to the new constituencies. NADRA has made new and improved system to ensure free and fair election across the country. The national Assembly has 272 constituencies, and 60 reserved seats for females, and 10 reserved seats for ethnic minorities, the total seats in parliament of MNAs are 342. In order to make a single party government, one party will need to win 137 seats.
In 2018 election Islamabad Capital (ICT) will have three constituencies in National assembly, FATA will have 12 constituencies. For provinces Punjab will have majority with 141 constituencies, Sindh will have 141 constituencies, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) will have 39 and Balochistan will have 16 constituencies in National Assembly.
In 2018 elections, the number of voters has increased 23% from 2013 elections, NADRA has registered every Pakistani as a registered voter who is above 18 years of age, so total 105.96 million voters are registered for قومی اسمبلی جنرل الیکشن 2018 .
The date of 2018 Election in Pakistan is 25 July 2018, however there could be a delay in the election process. We have given complete information of 2018 election on this page, you can find every constituency (halqa) of Pakistan here, with details about the political parties and participating candidates. Every constituency registered votes, contesting candidate’s election symbol and past profile is discussed in details.