General Elections 2018

Provincial Sindh Assembly General Election 2018

The provincial general election in Sindh are scheduled to be held on 25th July 2018, and will have new constituencies after 2017 census. The Sindh assembly has 130 constituencies. In 2018 election, 22.39 million voters are registered from Sindh, which is 18% increase from 2013.
You can find the complete result of 2018 provincial Sindh Elections at this page, including news, complete results and predictions before election, also complete profile of every candidate is given according to the constituencies across Sindh is given with party report.

2018 Election Constituencies of Sindh

PS-1 PS-2 PS-3 PS-4 PS-5 PS-6 PS-7 PS-8 PS-9 PS-10 PS-11 PS-12 PS-13 PS-14 PS-15 PS-16 PS-17 PS-18 PS-19 PS-20 PS-21 PS-22 PS-23 PS-24
PS-25 PS-26 PS-27 PS-28 PS-29 PS-30 PS-31 PS-32 PS-33 PS-34 PS-35 PS-36 PS-37 PS-38 PS-39 PS-40 PS-41 PS-42 PS-43 PS-44 PS-45 PS-46 PS-47 PS-48 PS-49 PS-50 PS-51 PS-52 PS-53 PS-54 PS-55 PS-56 PS-57 PS-58 PS-59 PS-60 PS-61 PS-62 PS-63 PS-64 PS-65 PS-66 PS-67 PS-68 PS-69 PS-70 PS-71 PS-72
PS-73 PS-74 PS-75 PS-76 PS-77 PS-78 PS-79 PS-80 PS-81 PS-82 PS-83 PS-84 PS-85 PS-86 PS-87 PS-88 PS-89 PS-90 PS-91 PS-92 PS-93 PS-94 PS-95 PS-96 PS-97 PS-98 PS-99 PS-100 PS-101 PS-102 PS-103 PS-104 PS-105 PS-106 PS-107 PS-108 PS-109 PS-110 PS-111 PS-112 PS-113 PS-114
PS-115 PS-116 PS-117 PS-118 PS-119 PS-120 PS-121 PS-122 PS-123 PS-124 PS-125 PS-126 PS-127 PS-128 PS-129 PS-130