India Squad for Asia Cup 2018

ٹیم بھارت کا ایشیاءکپ2018 میں سکواڈ

For Asia Cup 2018, Team India announced a 15 members squad, Players were KM Jadhav, KD Karthik, KL Rahul, AR Patel, AT Rayudu, B Kumar, JJ Bumrah, Khaleel Ahmed, Deepak Chahar , RA Jadeja, Shardul Thakur , Kuldeep Yadav , Manish Pandey, Hardik Pandya and Yuzvendra Chahal. Asia Cup 2018 was hosted in United Arab Emirates during September 15 2018 till September 29 2018. Find the complete list of team India below with profiles of players, including their ranking, scores, news, photos, run rates and matches history. Complete coverage of India in Asia Cup 2018 on Urdu Point.
KM Jadhav From India

کیردھر جا دھو

KM Jadhav

KD Karthik From India

دنیش کارتھک

KD Karthik

KL Rahul From India

لوکیش راہول

KL Rahul

AR Patel From India

اکشر پٹیل

AR Patel

AT Rayudu From India

امبتی رائیڈو

AT Rayudu

B Kumar From India

بھونیشور کمار

B Kumar

JJ Bumrah From India

جسپریت بمراہ

JJ Bumrah

Khaleel Ahmed From India

خلیل احمد

Khaleel Ahmed

Deepak Chahar       From India

دیپک چاہڑ

Deepak Chahar

RA Jadeja From India

روندرا جدیجا

RA Jadeja

Shardul Thakur       From India

شیر دل ٹھاکر

Shardul Thakur

Kuldeep Yadav       From India

کلدیپ یادو

Kuldeep Yadav

Manish Pandey From India

منیش پانڈے

Manish Pandey

Hardik Pandya       From India

ہردیک پانڈیا

Hardik Pandya

Yuzvendra Chahal       From India

یزوندرا چاہل

Yuzvendra Chahal