Hong Kong Squad for Asia Cup 2018

ٹیم ہانگ کانگ کا ایشیاءکپ2018 میں سکواڈ

For Asia Cup 2018, Team Hong Kong announced a 8 members squad, Players were Aizaz Khan, Anshuman Rath, Babar Hayat, Tanwir Afzal, C Carter, KD Shah, Nadeem Ahmed and Waqas Khan. Asia Cup 2018 was hosted in United Arab Emirates during September 15 2018 till September 29 2018. Find the complete list of team Hong Kong below with profiles of players, including their ranking, scores, news, photos, run rates and matches history. Complete coverage of Hong Kong in Asia Cup 2018 on Urdu Point.
Aizaz Khan From Hong Kong

اعزاز خان

Aizaz Khan

Anshuman Rath From Hong Kong

انشومن راتھ

Anshuman Rath

Babar Hayat From Hong Kong

بابر حیات

Babar Hayat

Tanwir Afzal From Hong Kong

تنویر افضل

Tanwir Afzal

C Carter From Hong Kong

کرسٹوفر کارٹر

C Carter

KD Shah From Hong Kong

کنچت شاہ

KD Shah

Nadeem Ahmed From Hong Kong

ندیم احمد

Nadeem Ahmed

Waqas Khan From Hong Kong

وقاص خان

Waqas Khan