Faisalabad Express Train - 174DN Timing Schedule & Stations

Faisalabad Express Train 174DN travels from Faisalabad to Multan Cantt. The departure time from Faisalabad is 12:15 and arrival time in Multan Cantt is 15:45. The train stops at 7 stations during the journey, including Gojra, Toba Tek Singh, Shorkot Cantt, Abdul Hakim, KhanewalGojra, Toba Tek Singh, Shorkot Cantt, Abdul Hakim, Khanewal and Multan Cantt. This train is managed by Pakistan Railways.
Station Name Arrival Departure
Faisalabad 12:15
Gojra 12:55 12:57
Toba Tek Singh 13:19 13:21
Shorkot Cantt 13:55 13:57
Abdul Hakim 14:21 14:23
Khanewal 14:55 14:57
Multan Cantt 15:45
Reverse Route - Faisalabad Express Multan Cantt to Faisalabad 174DN Route

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