Jinnah Express Train - 32DN Timing Schedule & Stations

Jinnah Express Train 32DN travels from Lahore to Karachi Cantt. The departure time from Lahore is 14:45 and arrival time in Karachi Cantt is 07:15. The train stops at 6 stations during the journey, including Khanewal, Rohri, Hyderabad, Drigh RoadKhanewal, Rohri, Hyderabad, Drigh Road and Karachi Cantt. This train is managed by Pakistan Railways.
Station Name Arrival Departure
Lahore 14:45
Khanewal 18:05 18:25
Rohri 00:20 00:40
Hyderabad 04:48 04:50
Drigh Road 06:53 06:55
Karachi Cantt 07:15
Reverse Route - Jinnah Express Karachi Cantt to Lahore 32DN Route

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Latest Comments
Jinnah kb chale gai dubara.

By: Seemab on 30-12-2020

i want one ticket lahore to khi

By: Saqib on 03-02-2020

We need that train which run at the speed of 600 kilometers per hour so that we can reach to Rawalpindi within 3 hours

By: Imran Qadir on 19-07-2019

today 28 june 2019 jinnah exp 32 DN Lahore to karachi 90 minutes late departured .passengers suffered in hot weather in lahore

By: Nazir on 28-06-2019