Sir Sayyed Express Train - 35UP Timing Schedule & Stations

Sir Sayyed Express Train 35UP travels from Karachi Cantt to Rawalpindi. The departure time from Karachi Cantt is 21:00 and arrival time in Rawalpindi is 19:40. The train stops at 10 stations during the journey, including Drigh Road, Hyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Faisalabad, Sangla Hill, Wazirabad, Chak LalaDrigh Road, Hyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Faisalabad, Sangla Hill, Wazirabad, Chak Lala and Rawalpindi. This train is managed by Pakistan Railways.
Station Name Arrival Departure
Karachi Cantt 21:00
Drigh Road 21:05 21:07
Hyderabad 23:00 23:05
Rohri 03:30 03:55
Khanewal 09:55 10:15
Faisalabad 12:30 13:00
Sangla Hill 13:40 13:42
Wazirabad 15:48 15:50
Chak Lala 19:30 19:32
Rawalpindi 19:40
Reverse Route - Sir Sayyed Express Rawalpindi to Karachi Cantt 35UP Route

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Karachi se pindi anye wali sir syed express jo 22 march ko karachi se aai hy wo kitni late hy or kis time pindi pounhchy ge

By: Yasir on 23-03-2021

7 nmber bogoi m Sunday 28 ki tikit chye 2

By: Muzaffar on 23-02-2021

Iam first time this train used plz God bless my all tour my prayer safe traveling and etc

By: Arish Gill on 04-11-2020

Sir syed train cantt say departure hoti hai

By: Nasir on 19-10-2020

Sir syed k 20 date k tikat mil jai gye

By: Muhammad Waqar on 10-10-2020

Kia sir syed busainess class ma food dia jata ha?

By: Komal on 09-09-2020


By: MUHAMMAD ASLAM on 07-09-2020

Sr ic waqt Sr Syed express kaha par phonci ha raat 2:30 am par Jo chali thee

By: Syed Azhar on 26-08-2020

On sir syed seats are avaible on 25 Aug 2020 karachi to rawalpindi Muhammad Ali karachi

By: M Ali on 23-08-2020

Plz time shi mention kareain am ya pm

By: Raja Awais on 16-08-2020

Kia railway mulazmine ka pass Sir syed me e/class k liey except able hy tell me plz

By: Riaz Ahmed on 15-08-2020

Please train ka time Sahi se mention kren 8:30 mtlb AM YA PM

By: Aamir Ali on 09-08-2020

I want to karachi froom rawalpindi on date of 27/06/2020 can you tell me sir syed trean is available or not

By: Musaddiq Hussain Abbasi on 27-07-2020

8 tarikh ka ticte cahye?

By: Mehtab on 22-07-2020

sir syed ma 24 ko rawalpindi ka ticket ya train kitna baja nikltii hai or band to nhi huwi infrom plzzzzz

By: Ayaan Alii on 23-03-2020

Sir sayyad express train ka inquiry number to de den plz

By: Aarib on 19-03-2020

I want to travel on real pindi

By: ADNAN ZAFAR on 23-02-2020

I want to travel on 18 feb 2020 with my family to Rawaplindi , need 6 seats/berth in one cabin together. please advice how to get ticket on line

By: Rashid Siddique on 05-02-2020