Shah Hussain Express Train - 44DN Timing Schedule & Stations

Shah Hussain Express Train 44DN travels from Lahore to Karachi Cantt. The departure time from Lahore is 19:30 and arrival time in Karachi Cantt is 14:30. The train stops at 9 stations during the journey, including Faisalabad, Khanewal, Multan Cantt, Bahawalpur, Rohri, Hyderabad, LandhiFaisalabad, Khanewal, Multan Cantt, Bahawalpur, Rohri, Hyderabad, Landhi and Karachi Cantt. This train is managed by Pakistan Railways.
Station Name Arrival Departure
Lahore 19:30
Faisalabad 21:25 21:30
Khanewal 23:54 23:56
Multan Cantt 00:35 00:55
Bahawalpur 02:13 02:15
Rohri 07:10 07:30
Hyderabad 12:00 12:05
Landhi 13:50 13:52
Karachi Cantt 14:30
Reverse Route - Shah Hussain Express Karachi Cantt to Lahore 44DN Route

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Latest Comments
7/03/2021 Train bohat late hai ka time hai or ye pr pobanchi safar bohat behoda raha es m

By: Shahbaz on 08-03-2021

Yar main to reviews dekh kar pareshan ho gaya hoon. Main is main hi booking karwaee hai

By: Baig on 20-02-2021


By: SAEED RZEE on 15-01-2021

Useless train from all trains Every time it late. It is requested of all travelers that if the mirror travels, then travel on another train.

By: Safdar on 22-11-2020

very late 3:30 and no train @ Karachi

By: Arshad Qayyum Khan on 21-11-2020

still on the train its 8 hours late wtf sheik rahseed may ur corruption get caught n u go to jail

By: Ammar on 18-11-2020

Very late and very poor, its like purposely slowing down

By: Furqan on 09-11-2020

This train till do date late. As Khawaja saad rafiq excellent performance for CM Railway and presently failed for improvements. From karachi

By: Afttab on 27-10-2020

Very pain full travel with Shah Husain system Pakistan railways.

By: Nafis Ahmed Khan on 18-10-2020

Onece again late almost 4 hours still no update for arrival time from lahore to FSD dated 06 oct 2020. Very disappointed be update us by text

By: Imran Bajwa on 07-10-2020

Today 6th September 2020 Shah hussain is hours late. Train should be at karachi cantt at this time but train is in Daharki sindh.

By: M.Haseeb on 06-09-2020

Very late gandi train or 7 bja ka bola abhi tak ni ai

By: Mbehzad Raza on 05-09-2020

It means k Shah Hussain me Travel na karain kisi or me kr lain. Kya aisa e he

By: Kamran on 02-08-2020

Today 11 July 2020 its about 4 hours late Now lets see what it will do in travelling Very poor service Now my decision about Shah Hussain (Nigh Coach) totally disappointed

By: Mian Bilal Javed on 11-07-2020

No electricty No fan working on shah hussain Rent is to much from others No charging point availability Wash room so bad conditions No proper cleaning

By: Sulman on 11-07-2020

Bakwaz train jo abi tk nhi aye kya bany gaa is mulak kaa

By: Mirza on 10-07-2020

Today late for this train 2hr30mint late very poor service date 20jun2020

By: Same on 20-06-2020

Very poor service and also late late

By: Azeem on 07-06-2020

To late Jess suna Tha wesa nahi

By: Ali Akbar on 27-01-2020

It's is very bakwas and thakar arrival time at karachi and it reached karachi at very pothentic service

By: Saif on 30-12-2019

Very poor Time was 7pm and still not Now the time is 9:40pm😠😠😠😠

By: Zarfishan on 22-12-2019

Its 2 hour late from lhr let see what it will do in traveling.

By: Faisal on 19-11-2019

Starting from Lahore is 20mintes late and washroom no lots and water At the time of departure 26oct19

By: Fayuaz on 26-10-2019

Pure train shame shekh rasheed

By: Aqib on 06-10-2019

Its 11:39 and shah hussain train was too late actual arriving time on faisalabad is 9pm and right now time is 11:39pm very poor service

By: Mamoon on 28-09-2019

very late 3:40 and no train @ bahawalpur

By: Rizwan on 11-09-2019