Attock City Railway Station Time Table of Pakistan Railways Trains

Attock City Railway station is a very busy railway junction. Attock City station operates 19 trains across the country. The famous trains operated from the station are 130dn Thall Express, 13up Awam Express, 14dn Awam Express, 167up 11th Eid Special, 168dn 12th Eid Special, 1up Khyber Mail, 201up Attock Passenger, 202dn Attock Passenger and 203up Jand Passenger. All these trains are managed by Pakistan Railways. Train timings, real time live status, time table, route and train numbers are given below.
Train Name Code Arrival Departure
129UP Thall Express

Multan Cantt to Rawalpindi

129UP 20:40:00 20:45:00
130DN Thall Express

Rawalpindi to Multan Cantt

130DN 08:32:00 08:37:00
13UP Awam Express

Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt

13UP 14:35:00 14:40:00
14DN Awam Express

Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt

14DN 10:00:00 10:05:00

Rawalpindi to Peshawar Cantt

167UP 15:30:00 15:32:00

Peshawar Cantt to Rawalpindi

168DN 10:41:00 10:43:00
1UP Khyber Mail

Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt

1UP 03:13:00 03:17:00
201UP Attock Passenger

Mari Indus to Attock City

201UP 07:55:00
202DN Attock Passenger

Attock City to Mari Indus

202DN 16:05:00
203UP Jand Passenger

Jand Jn to Attock City

203UP 14:40:00
204DN Jand Passenger

Attock City to Jand Jn

204DN 11:00:00
2DN Khyber Mail

Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt

2DN 23:41:00 23:45:00
39UP Jaffar Express

Quetta to Peshawar Cantt

39UP 16:13:00 16:15:00
40DN Jaffar Express

Peshawar Cantt to Quetta

40DN 08:35:00 08:37:00
47UP Rehman Baba Express

Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt

47UP 11:24:00 11:26:00
48DN Rehman Baba Express

Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt

48DN 12:43:00 12:45:00

Karachi City to Peshawar Cantt

81UP 20:58:00 21:00:00
85UP 5th Eid Special

Multan Cantt to Rawalpindi

85UP 19:25:00 19:50:00
97UP 4th Eid Special

Multan Cantt to Rawalpindi

97UP 19:25:00 19:50:00
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