Narang Railway Station Time Table of Pakistan Railways Trains

Narang Railway station is located in Narang, Pakistan. Narang station operates 8 trains to different cities of the country. The famous trains operated from the station are 125up Lasani Express, 126dn Lasani Express, 209up Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger, 210dn Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger, 211up Narowal Passenger, 212dn Narowal Passenger and 9up Allama Iqbal Express. All these trains are managed by Pakistan Railways. Train timings, real time live status, time table, route and train numbers are given below.
Train Name Code Arrival Departure
10DN Allama Iqbal Express

Sialkot to Karachi Cantt

10DN 10:20:00 10:22:00
125UP Lasani Express

Lahore to Sialkot

125UP 17:03:00 17:05:00
126DN Lasani Express

Sialkot to Lahore

126DN 08:16:00 08:18:00
209UP Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger

Lahore to Narowal

209UP 20:21:00 20:23:00
210DN Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger

Narowal to Lahore

210DN 06:32:00 06:34:00
211UP Narowal Passenger

Lahore to Narowal

211UP 10:13:00 10:15:00
212DN Narowal Passenger

Narowal to Lahore

212DN 17:44:00 17:46:00
9UP Allama Iqbal Express

Karachi Cantt to Sialkot

9UP 12:13:00 12:15:00
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