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BOL news started its day to day live transmission on 25th of December, 2016. It is a venture of media and publishing house BOL Network. Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the entire media network. The language of broadcasting of the channel is Urdu. Headquarter of Bol News Live is in Karachi, Pakistan in a building called Bolistan. With a size able number of correspondents and news reporters local and global news coverage is made efficient and possible. Regional headquarters located in Punjab are in Lahore and Islamabad. Currently the transmission of Bol News is limited to various cities of Pakistan in the wake of Axact Scandal.

News Policy
As obvious from the name of the channel, the channel’s policy is to be very blatant and outspoken in the presentation of news. Their partiality is slightly towards establishment and related structure or organizations and their strategy is to be highly outrageous in the expression of opinions and deep analysis.

Axact Scandal
After CEO of the company Shoaib Ahmad Sheikh was arrested for selling fake degrees worldwide, the reputation of BOL Network went downhill as well. BOL Network had plans to launch BOL News as the biggest news channel of Pakistan, sparing no expense. As soon as the fake degree news became viral, all the big names of media industry like Kamran Khan, Iftikhar Ahmad, Asma Sherazi, Jasmeen Manzoor and Mubasher Lucman, who were signed by the channel, parted their ways. This caused a huge loss to the channel that was yet to be launched. As the reputation of the channel was falling apart, CEO of ARY Network, Mr. Salman Iqbal, decided to launch the channel for saving the dignity of media industry but unfortunately deal could not be made between ARY Network and BOL Network.

The website of the channel offers variety of options to be explored. It is very dynamic and up to date, engaging user by offering wide variety of news categorized under multiple sections. Besides the news, the website of the channel displays information regarding newly planned ventures of BOL Network like Bol Theatre, Bol Publications, Bol Movies etc. Website also has guidelines on how to apply in the BOL Network for various positions. Besides the website BOL News Live transmission can be live streamed on Urdu Point as well.

Programs of BOL News
The programs on-aired on BOL News are as follows;

- Aik Laghari Sab Pe Bhari
Hosted by Dr. Fiza Akbar Khan, the show tends to throw limelight on political issues of Pakistan. Following the discussion of topics in focus, is the critical analysis and debate done by the famous journalist and news analyst, Nazeer Laghari. The show on-airs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 11 pm PST on BOL news.

- Aisa Nahi Chaley Ga
Another political discussion based show Aisa Nahi Chale Ga is hosted by none other than Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain. The show has gained much popularity overtime because of the controversial and glaring views of the host on the topics under discussion. Many times in the past the show has seen hard times because of PEMRA but despite of all that the show continues to survive on the channel because of the fascinating talk done on the part of Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain. The show on-airs every day at 10 pm PST.

- Tajzia Sami Ibrahim Ke Saath
As obvious from the name, the show features analysis on news happenings and any national debate by journalist and director news at BOL News, Sami Ibrahim.The show is hosted by Alina Ilyas and multiple guests from different fields of life are also invited on the show to impart their knowledge of the topic to the viewers. The show on-airs every day at 8 pm PST.

- Tabdeeli Ameer Abbas Ke Saath
The format of the show is very similar to other current affairs based discussion shows. At least 5 to 6 news stories are covered per episode along with the presentation of supporting facts and figures. Show is hosted by Ameer Abbas.

- Meri Jang
Political discussion and analysis based talk show, Meri Jang is hosted by Usama Ghazi. Hot topics of the day are discussed on the show in the presence of an esteemed guest usually from a political background. The show on-airs every Saturday and Sunday on BOL News.

- Ab Pata Chala
Show hosted by Dr Fiza Akbar Khan, is again a political debate and analysis based show. Strong debate and analysis to the show is imparted by chief reporter of Bol News, Asad Kharal and Director News Punjab, Babar Dogar. The show on-airs every weekday at 10 pm PST.

- Sab Se Pehle Pakistan
This show is an exclusive interview series, hosted by ex-president Pervez Musharraf. Shanaya Siddiqui is the co-host of the show. New dimension is imparted to every issue by Pervez Musharraf in the light of his knowledge and experiences, from the time of his regime. The show on-airs every Saturday on Bol News.