10 Sal Ki Umr Me Matric,18 Sal Ki Umr Me M.Phil Karne Wala First Youngest Pakistani Faraz Khalid

Published on December 21, 2020

Faraz Khalid of Sharqpur Sheikhupura is the first and only young boy who passed matriculation at the age of ten and is going to do M.Phil at the age of eighteen. Abdullah Khan, the anchor of Urdupoint, has told in Faraz Khalid's amazing and motivational story how Faraz Khalid has set a record of doing M.Phil at a very young age. Interesting thing is this Faraz Khalid's elder sister also matriculated at the age of eight.
Anchor: Abdullah Khan

#YoungestWellEducatedPakistaniBoy #YoungestMphilDegreeHolderPakistani

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