300 Rupees Ki Murgiyon Se Monthly 30,000 Kamayen - Naujawan Ne Shandar Karobar Ka Tariqa Bata Diya

Published on November 13, 2020

Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan
Making money from poultry at home has now become a lucrative business in Pakistan. Abdullah Khan, an UrduPoint reporter, talks about the passion of Fasih ul Hassan Azeem, a student from Lahore, who bought desi chickens for Rs350. The value has reached now one lakh rupees. Fasih ul Hassan Azeem says that he earns thousands of rupees every month by selling the eggs and chicks of these chickens which covers the cost of his education. Starting in days, he has surprised everyone. By encouraging him to do such a wonderful business in a few months, he has shown the way to success to the unemployed Pakistani youth.
Anchor: Abdullah Khan

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