6 Sala Kinza Ki Jins Badal Gayi - Dolls Se Khelne Wali Larki Ab Larka Ban Kar Galion Mein Khelta Hai

Published on October 28, 2020

This video containing the story of a six-year-old Kinza whose gender has changed and now he is seen as a perfect boy playing and jumping in the streets. A man from a poor family in Farooqa town of Sargodha had a daughter six years ago but now After the operation he has become a boy. urdupoint reporter Syed Zawar Kazmi has interviewed the family who are very happy to have a daughter and son. There are many cases of gender reassignment in Pakistan. Thanks to medical science, such Many girls have become boys who did not have access to medical facilities before. People call it a miracle but it is the work of medical science that has helped solve complex cases.

#SargodhaGirlToBoy #SargodhaGenderChange #GirlToBoyGenderChange

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