The Miracle Of Chashma Of Tabuk Performed By The Holy Prophet (SAW) During Ghazwa E Tabook

Published on January 21, 2020

Reporter Hafiz Irfan Khatana was present in Saudi Arabia in the city of Tabook that holds a lot of historical importance. The Tabook Expedition, also known as Ghazwa e Tabook happened there. When the Holy Prophet (SAW) heard the news that Romans have entered the city of Tabook, he (SAW) prepared a large army and decided to confront them. After leaving Hazrat Ali (RA) as the in-charge of Medina, the Holy Prophet (SAW) left for Tabook. When he arrived there with his army, he saw a creek with very little water. He performed a miracle after which the creek was filled with water and the whole army of thousands used it. Watch the video to know more about this important incident.

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