Khawaja Sira Ab Dance Ki Bajaye Izzat Se Rozi Kamane Lagay - Khatoon Ne Stitching Center Bana Dia

Published on January 9, 2021

There can be a lot of means of employment but the main thing is to use an idea in the right way. women belong to Lahore named as Anusha Tahir Butt has taken an initiative to provide a respectful means of employment to transgenders. She has opened a stitching center for them in their house and trains them. These transgenders stitch clothes in their house and make money for their livelihood. In this video UrduPoint anchor, Usman butt has interviewed Anusha Tahir Butt and asked her how much can be earned through the stitching.
Anchor: Usman Butt

#KhawajaSiraEmployment #TrangendersEmployment #TransgenderStichingCenter #Lahore

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