Ravi Bikes 2024 Models in Pakistan

Ravi Humsafar 70 Price in Pakistan

Humsafar 70

Ravi Humsafar Plus Price in Pakistan

Humsafar Plus

Ravi Piaggio Storm 125 Price in Pakistan

Piaggio Storm 125

Ravi Premium R1 Price in Pakistan

Premium R1

Ravi Premium RX Price in Pakistan

Premium RX

It was a time when Pakistan used to import the vehicles more, as the local manufacturing and companies were not as up-to-the-mark as it’s required. Along with the technological revolution, high-quality manufacturing of machinery started and new electronic companies emerged. During 1951, Ravi Automobiles started the system as Punjnad Tractor Private Limited. Ravi Motorcycles surfaced on the motorcycle industry of Pakistan in the year 2004. To bring significant innovation in the company, Ravi Motorcycles joined hands with of Derbi and Piaggio bikes in Pakistan.

The iconic “Vespa” scooter was revived in Pakistan by Ravi motorcycles and won the hearts of the public, especially of those who had used the earlier models as well. Ravi Motorcycles has introduced exclusive three bikes for the roads of Pakistan: Hamsafar 70, Piaggio Storm 125, and Premium R1. Ravi motorcycles are the largest bikes manufacturing company of Pakistan and have proven it with their ultimate quality.

Latest Comments

Ravi bikes are good especially when it comes to prices. They are offering good price ranges with quality products. Recommended to all!

By: Saad Ameer on 26-07-2019

RAVI is going great in Pakistan Bike market but there should be some innovation. All brands are almost the same. 

By: Suleman Rana on 15-07-2019

Ravi is good but not that good quality-wise. They should make their quality better to compete with giant brands like Honda and Suzuki. 

By: Haris Lodhi on 13-07-2019

Ravi Bikes are working rapidly on their quality, that's why it's emerging too. I have used Piaggio Storm 125 and its an incredible product of Ravi. 

By: Waseem Akhtar on 12-07-2019

Whatever I can purchase can I book online

By: Kh Shahid on 05-06-2020