Advertise on UrduPoint is the largest Urdu website of the world, and the number 1 web site of Pakistan. (source Alexa)
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Top 10 Websites in Pakistan- Source Alexa

  1. UrduPoint
  2. Tune
  3. Hamari Web
  4. Express
  5. Jang
  6. Daraz
  7. Daily Pakistan
  8. Zem Tv
  9. Dawn English


Stats (Based on May 2015) :

  • 4.2 Million Page views Daily!
  • 35 Million Monthly Sessions
  • 14 Million Unique Visitors Monthly
  • 1 Million Plus registered users across Pakistan.
  • Average 5 Minutes usage time per user


Available Advertising Solutions:

  • Standard Banner & Rich Media Interactive Advertisement
  • Background advertising
  • Sponsorships


Available Banner Sizes:

  • 728x90 • 160x600,
  • 120x600 • 300x250,
  • 336x280


Types of campaigns:

  • CPM Based
  • Fixed Placements


How To Get Started:

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