Advertise on UrduPoint is the largest Urdu website of the world, and the number 1 web site of Pakistan. (source Alexa)
Advertise your brand at the premium spots on and drive additional traffic to your website. It also helps you widen your brand image to potential customer base.

Top 10 Websites in Pakistan- Source Alexa

  1. UrduPoint
  2. Daraz
  3. Hamari Web
  4. OLX
  5. Express
  6. Dawn
  7. Dunya
  8. Jang
  9. Samma
  10. Tribune


Stats (Based on November 2019) :

  • 4.2 Million Page views Daily!
  • 35 Million Monthly Sessions
  • 14 Million Unique Visitors Monthly
  • 1 Million Plus registered users across Pakistan.
  • Average 5 Minutes usage time per user


Here are the available advertising options
01 | Display Ads / Home Page Branding
02 | Rich Media Ads
03 | Video Pre roll and Midroll
04 | Android Mobile App
05 | Outstream Video Ads on Mobile & Desktop
06 | Native Ads & Content


Programmatic Ready:
UrduPoint provides Programmatic Advertising (PG advertising) through Google ADX. Any advertiser or agency with programmatic access can run the campaign on UrduPoint. Simply contact us to setup the Programmatic deals and promote your brand at the most premium spots on the website with highest viewability ratio. Our PG team can be reached at

Available Banner Sizes:

  • 970x250 • 970x90,
  • 728x90 • 160x600,
  • 120x600 • 300x250,
  • 336x280


Types of campaigns:

  • CPM Based
  • Fixed Placements


How To Get Started:

Please contact us for more information by filling the form below, or call us on 042-35317001-4. Our sales team will advise you the best package suiting your needs.