American Larki Ne Pakistani Tiktoker Se Shadi Kar Li - Islam Qabool Kar Lia Or Pakistan Puhanch Gai

Published on April 9, 2021

In yet another example of love beyond borders, an American woman travelled all the way from the United States to find her love in Pakistan. 40-year-old Daniel, resident of Washington DC, reached Rawalpindi and married Afshan Raj, 27-year-old TikToker, after embracing Islam. "I cannot believe that I have married Hafza," the TikToker said while referring to Daniel with her new name after converting to Islam. Afshan Raj also said that Hafza left all her belongings back in the US and came to Pakistan for him and added that her wife is "a good and sensible person".
Anchor: Umer Janjua

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