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Style 360 is also a part of the hum tv network. Style 360 is a fashion and lifestyle channel where you can find all the current trends of dressing, hairstyles, jewelry, makeup etc.

Style 360 gives you all the current designs of dresses in today’s fashion, and all the trending hairstyles of both men and women, the jewelry and makeup styles and tones that are trending and liked by the people. You can get all the fashion tips that you need from Style 360.

There are different fashion and lifestyle programs telecasted on Style 360. All the fashion events like bridal couture weeks and exhibitions are also covered on Style 360. All designer dresses are displayed on the Style 360 tv as well. All that you need to know about fashion and lifestyle is there on Style 360.

Now you can watch the Style 360 live tv online by accessing it through the website of Urdu Point. You can watch your favorite fashion and lifestyle programs on Style 360 anytime, no matter where you are by accessing it live through the website of Urdu Point. Now the fashion followers do not need to worry about missing out on their favorite fashion and lifestyle programs on the Style 360 tv because they can access it anytime and anywhere through the website of Urdu Point.

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