Prize Bond Results. 2018 Draw Schedule Dates and Prize bond List Online

Prize Bond Pakistan, Get latest Prize bond results and schedule online of National Savings.
In Pakistan, Prize Bond is basically a sort of a lottery bond, a non - interest related security, offered by the Ministry of Finance and issued on behalf of the government of Pakistan. Funds boosted up are used to offset government borrowing and are in nature refundable to the bond owner on demand. Interest is handed back to bond owners via prizes which are doled out by means of random selection of bonds. Prize Bond scheme is deemed as gold investment and is the legalized method of earning money and becoming rich overnight.

From the perspective of The Government of Pakistan, National Prize Bond Scheme was initiated in order to borrow money from the public at cheaper rates and give cash prizes via lucky draws. These lucky draws are held in major cities of Pakistan, about 32 times annually, and Prize bond draw are held twice a month, results are announced in the morning and the complete list of winning numbers is published in the evening. According to numbers, every year an estimated 70,600 Pakistanis get Rs1.6 billion in prize money in the prize bond results, at the close of tax deduction, for their investment. The Government of Pakistan borrows and earns billions of rupees but sadly, prize money conferred to investors is very little.

Lately, profit rates on five types of saving schemes namely Defense Saving Schemes - DSS, Regular Income Certificates - RIC, Behbood Saving Certificates - BSC, Savings Accounts - SA and Special Saving Certificates - SSC have snowballed by 8 to 50 basis points but unfortunately, National Prize Bond Scheme by National Savings was not given rumination at all. It is unfortunate that the increase of profit rates on these mentioned schemes will not lessen dues burden of Rs. 150 billion or more on account of Defense Saving Certificates maturing in the near future.

Prize Bonds are in Pakistan are available in the following denominations;

Procedure to Claim Prize

To claim the prize money on winning prize bond list, the owner has to fill the form and submit the following along with photocopy of valid CNIC,

• Original winning prize bond duly signed by applicant

• Photo copy of the prize winning bond duly signed by the applicant.

Prize Bonds at first are checked at field offices by the counter staff. In case of huge prize money, the winning prize bonds worth 1 million and above are forwarded to PSPC.

Prize Bond Guess Papers

Despite various guess papers available online for winning a prize bond, there is no formula for it. Just luck matters, so try your luck!. If you have the prize bonds and want to check the results, you have landed at the right place. The results are instantly available here after the draw. Moreover, you can also see the complete prize bond schedule uploaded on this website.

Sr. Bond Price Draw Date Draw City
1 200 Rs. 17-12-2018 Hyderabad
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