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All the news about Pakistan news, world news and sports news are available on this site. Urdu Point provides you all the information about current issues of Pakistan. Moreover health news, showbiz news, international news found on Urdu Point. Urdu Point English news site gives you easy access on Pakistani news which includes latest Pakistani news and international news about Pakistan. Now you can access to all latest Pakistani news on a single page. Live Pakistani news, live world news and live sports news are found here. If you want to read all types of news about Pakistan go for Urdu Point. We provide you all the latest sports news, latest health news, latest business news, health news, technology news and education news. Urdu Point is the best site to get all the latest news. News about science and technology are easy to read here.

Pakistan News

Latest Pakistani news, live Pakistani news, today Pakistan news and the news Pakistan can be found on Urdu Point. You can read Pakistan political news and Pakistan cricket news here. Pakistan news update on current issues of Pakistan and international issues are discussed here. We provide you with the live news Pakistan, breaking news Pakistan, and news update Pakistan. All the latest Pakistani news is the news on current issues of Pakistan, political issues of Pakistan and updates on Pakistan. If you are looking for the Pakistan business news, Pakistan political news, and Pakistan sports news then you are at the right place. Urdu Point provides you all type of information of Pakistan news. News about Pakistan and Pakistan stock exchange are found here. All the news from Pakistani news papers and Pakistani news channels are present. News on Pakistani newspapers is generally political news of Pakistan and current affairs news. We provide easy access to all latest Pakistani news and daily news Pakistan.

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Urdu Point provides you access to the latest world news. All the top world news, world news today and current world news are found here. We provide you world news headlines. News about world news stories and world news now are present here. World news contains breaking news and world news headlines. For the world news live streaming, CNN world news, BBC world news and breaking world news keep reading Urdu Point. World news contains America and Pakistan relations, china Pakistan relations, indo pak relations and Russia America relations. News about CPEC, USA news, breaking global news, and news from the globe are available. World news also includes china news, India news, USA news and Kashmir news. Indian news and Pakistani news are included in this section. India Pakistan dispute is also world news. We provide you global news and international news on Urdu Point. World news also contains news from the white house.

Sports news

Sports news about cricket and other sports like football, hockey and tennis are found on this page. All kinds of sports news are available on this site. Live scoring of cricket can be seen here. Urdu Point provides you latest sports news, schedule of cricket matches, schedule of foot ball matches and hockey matches. You can get the latest updates about the PSL 3. Watch PSL 2018 live on Urdu Point. Live streaming of PSL 2018 is provided by Urdu Point. Get the schedule of PSL 2018 on Urdu Point. We have sports news of football and latest news of Pakistani cricket. All the cricket and foot ball lovers now visit Urdu Point and read the latest news about cricket and latest news about football. By reading sports news you can learn about the top sports and most watched sports event in the world. Urdu Point provides its readers with all the latest sports news and PSL 2018 news.

Business news

Business news is important part of the news. World business news, Pakistan business news, and top business news are available on this site. Urdu Point provides you finance news, economic news, stock market news, gold rates, silver rates etc. For all types of business news visit Urdu Point. Business news matters a lot as they directly link the economy. CPEC news, PSX news and BTC news are also found on Urdu Point. You can have the today currency rates, today gold rates and today business news on the same page. All types of news about Bit Coin, Bit Coin Pakistan and business news are available here. You can get the information about the petroleum prices, gold rates, gold and silver prices, and CNG prices on Urdu Point. If you want to learn bullion rates, bullion rates in Pakistan go for Urdu Point. Urdu Point is best for all kinds of business news, business news Pakistan and business news today. If you want the search results for the dawn business news, latest business news, international business news and world business news you can find here easily. We also give information about good news messages in business communication and bad news messages in business communication. So visit Urdu Point and read all the business news.

Health news

All the health news is available here. Urdu Point provides the news about health, latest health news, medical news, health news today and news about Pakistani doctors. We provide you with the news about health department KPK and health department Punjab. News about lady health workers is also found. Read health news on Urdu Point in health news today. Medical news, medical news today and top health news are accessible here. There are many health news articles which provide you information about healthy life style. Healthy life style keeps you fit. The secret to healthy life is your healthy life style. You can also learn about women health and women health news here. Gym news, health care news and fitness news helps you to learn about healthy life style. Urdu Point provides you heath news which helps you to maintain a healthy life style to ensure good health. So visit Urdu Point for all the health related news. You will also find the news about healthy foods and healthy meals.

Education news

Urdu Point provides you the education news. All the news about Pakistan education, education system in Pakistan and education sector is available here. If you want the news about Punjab education foundation, school education department, and higher education commission you must visit Urdu Point. Education news about Punjab University and university of education are found here. By reading the education news you can analyze the Punjab education, Sindh education, KPK education and Balochistan education. Sex education is also considered an important branch of education. While noticing the importance of education, sex education is also considered. We also provide education news about AJK education, Gilgit Baltistan education and Azad Kashmir education. Education news provides you information about university admission, college admission and school admission. Education news about NTS, CSS and all other tests are available. We also provide the information and news of toppers from the BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE DG khan, BISE Bahawalpur and BISE Gujranwala. So for all the important news about education visit Urdu Point.

Technology news

Technology is one of the important factors in the development of any country. Technology in Pakistan is important to ensure prosperity. We provide you all the news about technology. Technology news can be read here. Bit coin news is important news in the technology. If you want to learn bit coin prices and bit coin prices in Pakistan, read our technology news. Many online websites like are a good example of technology. In our technology news we will provide you the news about Samsung, nokia, oppo mobile, Qmobile and apple Pakistan. All the international news about technology which includes the invention of new technology and benefits of technology are available on this page. To get the latest technology news visit Urdu Point. This site has all the latest news about new technology.

Showbiz news

On Urdu Point you can get all the news about showbiz. Showbiz news can be searched here. Urdu Point provides you all types of showbiz news. Showbiz news about Pakistan showbiz, Pakistani dramas, bollywood showbiz, bollywood movies and bollywood stars news are available here. You can read all showbiz news about showbiz Pakistan here. We have much news about Pakistani showbiz along with news about Pakistani films and Pakistani dramas. All news about Urdu dramas and Urdu movies are available. Gossips about stars either bollywood stars or others, you can read here. This webpage gives you all showbiz news about Pakistani showbiz and bollywood showbiz. We also give bollywood news about bollywood movies, bollywood stars, bollywood scandals, and bollywood gossips. Showbiz news about bollywood actors and news about bollywood actresses are also provided. If you want the news about Indian films, Indian models, Indian actresses and Indian actors go for Urdu Point. To get the showbiz news about Indian dramas and Pakistani dramas visit Urdu Point.

Kashmir news

All the latest news about Kashmir issue is found here. Urdu Point gives you all Kashmir news, Kashmiri people news, and Azad Kashmir news. If you want to learn any update about Pakistan and Kashmir news visit Urdu Point. Indian occupied Kashmir which is known as maqbooza Kashmir and news about Azad Kashmir are also found. Much news about disputed Kashmir can be read here. Muzaffarabad news and Mirpur news are also available. How Kashmiri people are surviving, if you want to know then visit Urdu Point. Neelam valley is considered as the most beautiful place in Kashmir. We give you much news about the beautiful Neelam valley as well. There are huriyat leaders in Kashmir; all the latest news about huriyat leaders is available here. India Pakistan Kashmir dispute has not been resolved yet. To remain update on India Kashmir dispute keep visiting Urdu Point. All the news about tehreek e huriyat, huriyat leaders and huriyat in Kashmir are available on Urdu Point.

Weather news

For all the weather forecast and weather news visit Urdu Point. Urdu Point gives you news about weather of Pakistan, Lahore weather, Islamabad weather, Murree weather and Karachi weather. Weather updates about Rain forecast, snow forecast and fog forecast is also available. Now you can get weather news about any city. We provide you the weather news about international weather, Pakistan weather, and also about China weather. All the weather updates about the cities like Lahore weather, Karachi weather, Islamabad weather and Abbotabad weather can be searched here. If you want to get latest weather news about any city or country go for Urdu Point. Weather news about Naran weather and Murree weather is also available. Weather news about Weather of Multan and weather of Quetta can be read here. International weather news and Pakistan weather news are so different. You can get all weather updates about Pakistan weather and international weather on Urdu Point.