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Urdu Poetry or Urdu Shayari is the most traditional and most pleasing way to demonstrate your love and affection to everybody. Don’t wander here and there to find ghazals and shero Shayari according to your taste and feelings. You can read UrduPoint’s stunning collection of Urdu poetry, ghazals, Urdu Shayari, and many more written by famous and legendary poets of the subcontinent (Pakistan and India) and other countries. The well-known poets are Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Ahmad Faraz, Parveen Shakir, Wasi Shah, Bano, Mir Taqi Mir, and so on.

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Daikhiay Program "Aapki Shairi" Main... Kalam E Shair Ba Zuban E Shair "Saghir Ahmad Saghir". Pro 10

دیکھئیے پروگرام "آپکی شاعری" میں۔۔۔ کلامِ شاعر بہ زبانِ شاعر "پروفیسر صغیر احمد صغیر"۔۔۔ شاداب عباسی کے ساتھ۔۔۔

Daikhiay Program "Aapki Shairi" Main... Kalam e Shair Ba Zuban e Shair "Saghir Ahmad Saghir". Pro 10

Sufi Poet Baba Farid's Personality And Poetry - Special Program

عظیم صوفی شاعر بابا فرید کی بلند مرتبت شخصیت اور انسانیت افروز شاعری کے حوالے سے تفصیلی گفتگو۔۔۔ پروگرام سوہنی دھرتی پاکستان چاند شکیل کے ساتھ

Sufi Poet Baba Farid's Personality and Poetry - Special Program

The Land Of Legends, University Of Gujrat's Kath 18 Mushaira. Part 2

فطری صوفیوں کی درگاہ اور نامور کہانی نویسوں کی دھرتی جامعہ گجرات میں برپا ہونے والے کٹھ 18 کے خوبصورت مشاعرے کا دوسرا حصہ اردو پوائنٹ کے اخلاص، پیار اور محبت کے ساتھ

The land of Legends, University of Gujrat's Kath 18 Mushaira. Part 2

Interview Of Famous Poet Saghir Safi - Program Aapki Shairi @ UrduPoint - Pro 66

مشرف دور کے خلاف نظمیں لکھنے والے اور قید و بند کی صعوبتیں جھیلنے والے صغیر صفی کے ساتھ آپکی شاعری کی خصوصی نشست

Interview of Famous Poet Saghir Safi - Program Aapki Shairi @ UrduPoint - Pro 66

Daikhiay Program  Aapki Shairi  Main... Kalam E Shair Ba Zuban E Shair   Dr Shahida Dilawar . Pro 16

دیکھئیے پروگرام آپکی شاعری میں۔۔۔ کلامِ شاعر بہ زبانِ شاعر ڈاکٹر شاہدہ دلاور ۔۔۔ شاداب عباسی کے ساتھ۔۔۔

Daikhiay Program Aapki Shairi Main... Kalam e Shair Ba Zuban e Shair Dr Shahida Dilawar . Pro 16

Duniya K Kisi Bhi Kone Mein Chala Jaoon Apni Mitti Ki Khushbu Ko Nahi Bhol Sakta

دنیا کے کسی بھی کونے میں چلا جاؤں اپنی مٹی کی خوشبو کو نہیں بُھلا سکتا

duniya k kisi bhi kone mein chala jaoon apni mitti ki khushbu ko nahi bhol sakta

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Urdu Poetry

Urdu poetry is known as the language of emotions and love. Poets and other people transform their feelings into words which transform the poetry that we read. Everyone likes Urdu Shayari, especially those who understand the deep meaning written in the Urdu language.

Urdu Shayari footprints are found in all languages of the world. But it is most prevalent in Pakistan and India because Urdu is their first language, and they can understand the meaning well. From the advent of the sub-continent, people were amused by poetry written in popular languages of that time. We may find many popular poets from history as well as observe different types of poetry.

People love to read poetry in Urdu and also listen to poetry from poetry writers. The emperors also hired poets in the courts and got recreation from poetry in their free time.

Type of Urdu Poetry or Urdu Shayari

Urdu poetry is divided into different types, while romantic poetry is the most popular one. Romantic poetry has both the past and present deep thoughts. Other poetry forms include sad and love poetry.

Poetry is the way to convey emotional sentiments, so poetry categories are also as much as people’s feelings. However, love is an eternal feeling that can never fade away, and it is one of the strongest human emotions. Therefore, Urdu Poetry is deeply immersed in love and appreciated by the people who have strong love emotions. If you are in lovely poetry reading mood, we have a collection of famous poets such as Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, and Mir Dard.

In the past, poets used to write poetry on social issues such as poverty and slavery. Moreover, other than that, they have been writing on cultural topics as well.

Urdu Poetry Topics

Poets have a very sensitive nature because they observe the simplest and delicate social aspects. That’s why they also have a sensitive and emotional nature. Therefore, we bring unique and uncommon love poetry for you.

Sometimes in a sad mood, we like to read sad or romantic poetry. Moreover, Mirza Ghalib is one of the best poets of that era who devoted his whole life to writing poetry in all genres. Also, other prominent individuals are Ahmad Faraz, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, and Mir.

With time, many positive changes have come in the Urdu language and developed many different genres like Qawali, Manqabat, Rubai, etc. At present, people not only prefer to read poetry but also like to attend poetry gatherings. Therefore, you will feel the touch of all types of poetry in those gatherings like romantic, social issues, cultural, love, and sad poetry.

To read the best collection of Urdu poetry, ghazals, and Shayari, UrduPoint is the best platform.

People's Choice Urdu Shayari

Most people are interested in Urdu Shayari, such as love, sad, bewafa, friendship, social, etc. People from Pakistan and India were the most interested in love poetry and still are. However, some other Urdu poetry forms such as Qasida, Nazms, Rubai, ghazals are prominent among poetry lovers.

It is a straightforward concept that poets wrote poetry according to their interests and nature. Similarly, some poets worked on more than one genre: sad, funny, love, romance, political, Sufi, batish, etc. Nowadays, many people share their emotions with family, loved-one, and friends with the help of shero Shayari.

You can also read the latest poetry from the new young poets here because poetry by youngsters is getting fame among the readers day by day.

Top Poets of Classical Urdu era

Everyone is familiar with the name of Mirza Ghalib. In fact, the people who like to read about the imagination of love and beauty were the lovers of Mirza Ghalib’s poetry. So you can feel the touch of love, romance, and beauty by the ghazals of Mirza Ghalib.

Besides, Mir Dard and Mir Taqi Mir Shayari are famous amongst those people who are heartbroken. However, you can read the poetry of your most-loved poets here in categories in ghazals, two lines poetry, and four lines poetry.

In short, the trend has changed a little bit, but the concept is the same. Nowadays, people like to read two lines of poetry instead of lengthy ghazal Shayari. The reason is social media, and people have a shortage of time. To exhibit poetry on social sites, i.e., on Facebook or WhatsApp, people demand two lines Urdu Shayari. However, it's also time-saving as they pick up the theme of ghazals or nazams in two lines poetry.

You can also read a vast collection of Two lines and four lines poetry at UrduPoint.