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اُردو شاعری، مشہور اردو شعراء کی شاعری پڑھئیے

شعراء کے خصوصی انٹرویوز

Bulhay Shah K Shehar Kasur Main Hone Walay Waqeat Ka Ka Tareekhi Tanazur Main Tajzia

صوفی شاعر بلھے شاہ کے شہر قصور میں ہونے والے حالیہ واقعات کا تاریخی تناظر میں تجزیہ۔۔۔ پچھلے کچھ عرصے سے آخر اس شہر میں ہی کیوں جنسی زیادتی کے واقعات زیادہ ہو رہے ہیں؟۔۔۔ جانیئے ایس بارے میں تفصیل مشہور پنجابی دانشور اقبال قیصر سے۔۔۔ پروگرام سوہنی دھرتی پاکستان۔۔۔ چاند شکیل کے ساتھ

Bulhay Shah K Shehar Kasur Main Hone Walay Waqeat Ka Ka Tareekhi Tanazur Main Tajzia

Daikhiay Program  Aapki Shairi  Main... Kalam E Shair Ba Zuban E Shairi   Imran Feroz . Pro 20

دیکھئیے پروگرام آپکی شاعری میں۔۔۔ کلامِ شاعر بہ زبانِ شاعر عمران فیروز ۔۔۔ شاداب عباسی کے ساتھ۔۔۔

Daikhiay Program Aapki Shairi Main... Kalam e Shair Ba Zuban e Shairi Imran Feroz . Pro 20

A Beautiful Poem Of Mohsin Naqvi

محسن نقوی کی برسی پر اُن کی ایک خوبصورت نظم، اردوپوائنٹ کا خراج عقیدت

A Beautiful Poem of Mohsin Naqvi

Daikhiay Program "Aapki Shairi" Main... Kalam E Shair Ba Zuban E Shairi "Atta Ul Hassan". Pro 7

دیکھئیے پروگرام "آپکی شاعری" میں۔۔۔ کلامِ شاعر بہ زبانِ شاعر "عطاالحسن"۔۔۔ صفدر علی کے ساتھ۔۔۔

Daikhiay Program "Aapki Shairi" Main... Kalam e Shair Ba Zuban e Shairi "Atta Ul Hassan". Pro 7

Interview Of Famous Poet Saghir Safi - Program Aapki Shairi @ UrduPoint - Pro 66

مشرف دور کے خلاف نظمیں لکھنے والے اور قید و بند کی صعوبتیں جھیلنے والے صغیر صفی کے ساتھ آپکی شاعری کی خصوصی نشست

Interview of Famous Poet Saghir Safi - Program Aapki Shairi @ UrduPoint - Pro 66

Daikhiay Program  Dastan O Kalam E Shauraa  Ba Zuban E Shadab Abbasi... Pro 2

دیکھئیے پوروگرام داستان و کلامِ شعراء بہ زبانِ شاداب عباسی۔۔۔ 2

Daikhiay Program Dastan o Kalam e Shauraa Ba Zuban e Shadab Abbasi... Pro 2

Poetry is considered as the language of emotions and feelings. People transform their emotions into words which becomes the poetry we read. Urdu Poetry is loved by everyone specially those who understands Urdu well. We can find poetry in almost all languages as feelings are explained by people from all languages. Urdu Shayari is popular in Pakistan and India as people can understand Urdu easily and can express themselves in their national language. From the advent of sub-continent people were amused by poetry written in popular languages of that time. We can find many popular poets from history as well as we can see different poetry types. People like to read poetry in Urdu and also they were organizing gatherings to listen poetry from the poetry writers. Kings were also hiring poets in the courts and were getting recreation from poetry in their free time.

There are many types of poetry which we get from history and which are very popular today as well. In the poetry types we can find that romantic poetry is the most popular one. Romantic poet has great preference throughout the past as well as today as compared to other poetry types. Other poetry types include sad poetry and love poetry. Poetry is the way to express sentiments so poetry types are also as much as the feelings of people. Love is the eternal feeling that can never fade away and it is one of the strongest human sentiments. Urdu Poetry which is deeply immersed in love is appreciated by the people who themselves have strong emotions of love. If you are in mood to read poetry on love then you can read the poetry by famous poets like Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir and Mir Dard. They are the famous Urdu Poets of the past which are very popular today as well. In past, poets used to write poetry on social issues such as poverty and slavery. Moreover, other than social issue they have been writing on cultural issues as well.

Poetry writers are usually very sensitive because they observe the simplest and delicate things of the society. That’s why poets are very sensitive and emotional. We prefer the unique poetry which is not very common and which refresh us after reading. Sad poetry is also one of the poetry types like romantic poetry and love poetry. At times we feel sad and wish to read some sad poetry to satisfy our emotions so you can access dukhi shayari here. Mirza Ghalib, Ahmad Faraz and Mir Taqi Mir are famous for writing sad poetry and romantic poetry. Mirza Ghalib is one of the best poet of his era, who his given his life for poetry as has given us poetry in almost all genres. With the passage of time positive changes came in Urdu language and Urdu language. Poetry is also considered as the essence of the literature in a language. Many genres also developed in poetry with the evolution of the Urdu. We can find Qawali, Manqabat, and Rubai in the genres of Urdu Poetry and also we can see that a lot of work has done on them. Now people not only prefer to read poetry but also they prefer to attend the gatherings which are organized for listening poetry. In such gatherings we can find all types of poetry such as romantic poetry, love poetry and sad poetry. Urdu Point has a huge collection of poetry and if you want you must visit Urdu Point to get best Urdu Shayari.

In the present times the trend has changed a bit but this is not new because with the gradual change of time, trends also changes. Now a day people prefer 2 line shayari instead of lengthy ghazals and nazams. It is because this is the age of social media and people frequently use social media sites. For the sake of facebook or whatsapp people demand two line Urdu shayari. In a way it is good as well because it saves a lot of time of people as they get the same message of ghazals or nazams in two lines poetry which save their time as well. Urdu Point has two line Urdu poetry for the users.