UAE Raffles - Big Ticket Abu Dhabi & Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket is the most famous raffle of UAE, it is arranged by the Abu Dhabi Airport authorities. It was started in 1992 on a very small scale, however now it offers prizes worth millions of AED every month. Big Ticket also has a monthly draw of a luxury car, where the ticket holders can win super cars. Big Ticket is changing lives of its customers every month. You can check the complete schedule of Big Ticket draws, check latest winners and past winners, details about series and prize money below.

Big Ticket Schedule 2019 Big Ticket Dream Car Big Ticket 12 Million AED July Winner Big Ticket Bmw Series 07 July Winner
Next Big Ticket Draw - August Next Big Ticket Car Draw - August

Dubai Duty Free - Millennium Millionaire

Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire is another famous raffle of UAE. It offers one million dollar prize in ever draw. Every month two draws are held at the arrivals area of Dubai International Airport. Apart from the Million Dollar $ Prize, DDF also offers Finest Luxury car and Finest motorbike draws, which offer a super luxury car raffle and super bike raffle every month. Complete schedule of Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draws and winners is given below.

DDF Millennium Millionaire Series MM303 WinnerDDF Finest Car Series Car1724 WinnerDDF Finest Bike Series Bike370 Winner DDF Millennium Millionaire DDF Finest Car DDF Finest Bike