Big Ticket Abu Dhabi UAE - Series, Winners & Draw Schedule

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket - Find latest series, Big Ticket winner and Draw schedule. Information about past draws of cash prizes worth millions of AED and cars. Updated and accurate information.

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket UAE

Who does not want to be rich and enjoy all the luxuries of life? Who doesn’t want to live in a big house and wander about in a fancy car? Obviously every individual wants that unless you are already a wealthy person or born in a royal family. Most of the people in the world spend their entire lives earning a livelihood and even then they are not in a financial position to afford many of the securities of life, even then they cannot enjoy a bed of roses in their late age. Well, if you have less money but still dream big then your prayers have been answered in the form of ”Big Ticket”.

What is Big Ticket?

Big Ticket is basically a lottery scheme that initiated from Abu Dhabi International Airport in 1992. Initially it was a small level scheme but with multiplying number of buyers and every day increasing popularity, Big Ticket became one of the most trusted and sought after lottery schemes in United Arab Emirates. It has been 25 years since Big Ticket lottery scheme commenced its operations and with each year, the amount of prize money escalates drastically, even the other prizes like cars and tickets to famous holiday destinations are upgraded each year giving participants of the draw one hell of an opportunity to live their dream. Big Ticket is one of the five jackpot schemes currently being run in United Arab Emirates. It is also one of the longest running ballot draws in the country with beneficiaries from around the world.

Who Can Participate?

Anybody from around the world can buy the tickets to the lottery or the “big ticket”. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket you can either purchase it from their website which requires you to register yourself on the website or you can visit the Big Ticket store at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al-Ain Duty Free and City Terminal Abu Dhabi Tourist Club Area. Winner of every sort of draw is informed on the provided numbers as well as names of winners are displayed on the website for convenience of the international participants. The price of a single ticket is 500 AED and on the purchase of two tickets, the third ticket is gifted to the buyer for absolutely zero money. There is no limit of the tickets for each draw and one person can make a purchase of not more than 10,000 AED.

Types of Prizes

Usually there is one winner for every cash draw but consolation prizes are also distributed among participants of each draw. At the moment following prizes are being rewarded by the “Big Ticket Scheme”;

  • The bumper prize of 12 Million AED
  • Prize money of 10 Million AED under the scheme of “The Big Ten”
  • The Super 7 prize worth 7,000,000 AED
  • Ultimate Big Ticket
  • Sensational Big Ticket
  • The ticket for dream car draws worth 150 AED, giving away luxury cars like Land Rover, Toyota Prado, Hummer, Mercedes, BMW X5, VW Golf, Corvette, Jaguar, Ford Mustang and Mini Cooper.
  • Dream Bike draw for winning Ducati.
  • Seasonal Prize Draws put forward throughout the year.

Big Ticket is providing so many opportunities to people worldwide to become millionaires or to get their dream cars. So, if you are thinking of becoming one of the lucky winners, grab your ticket now!