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Islamic Holy Month Ramadan 2024 Timings and Worldwide Timetable 2024

Welcome to Ramadan 2024 Sehr o Iftar time table and Worldwide Calendar. Select your country and your city from the list below to get the accurate Ramadan Fajr and Maghrib timings in the Holy and Blessed month of Ramadan Kareem. Get latest Prayer times and Namaz times and Dua prayer for keeping Roza and prayer for opening Roza. You can also Listen to Quran online, Read Quran and visit our Audio Naat and Video Naat sections during Ramadan Kareem. Jazakallah (May Allah reward you with goodness).

Sehri and Iftar Timing in San Diego Today

Jul 17, 2024 04:34 AM 07:57 PM

Sehri timing in San Diego today, on Jul 17, 2024 (10th Muharram 1446), is 04:34 AM and Iftar timing in San Diego today is 07:57 PM for Fiqa-e-Hanafia; Sehri time today in San Diego is 04:24 AM and today San Diego Iftar timing is 08:07 PM for Fiqa-e Jafria.

Complete San Diego Ramadan Timings

Calculation Method : TimesPrayer Springfield

Shia Ramadan Timings in San Diego

Ramadan Calendar 2024 San Diego Download

The table below is the San Diego Ramadan Calendar 2024. You can see the Sehri timing in San Diego and iftar timing in San Diego from the first to the last Roza. The Hijri and Gregorian calendar dates are also given in the following Ramadan schedule San Diego so you can know the San Diego Ramadan timings.

We tried our best to bring you the authentic San Diego Ramadan timings for 2024, but remember that there is a 01 minute preventive difference between the Sehr and Iftar times. You should consult your nearest mosque for the exact time for San Diego Sehr o Iftar Timings for better results.

Roza Date Sehr Iftaar
1 12 March 2024 06:16 AM 07:18 PM
2 13 March 2024 06:15 AM 07:19 PM
3 14 March 2024 06:13 AM 07:20 PM
4 15 March 2024 06:12 AM 07:21 PM
5 16 March 2024 06:10 AM 07:22 PM
6 17 March 2024 06:09 AM 07:23 PM
7 18 March 2024 06:07 AM 07:24 PM
8 19 March 2024 06:06 AM 07:25 PM
9 20 March 2024 06:04 AM 07:26 PM
10 21 March 2024 06:03 AM 07:26 PM
11 22 March 2024 06:01 AM 07:27 PM
12 23 March 2024 05:59 AM 07:28 PM
13 24 March 2024 05:58 AM 07:29 PM
14 25 March 2024 05:56 AM 07:30 PM
15 26 March 2024 05:55 AM 07:31 PM
16 27 March 2024 05:53 AM 07:32 PM
17 28 March 2024 05:51 AM 07:33 PM
18 29 March 2024 05:50 AM 07:34 PM
19 30 March 2024 05:48 AM 07:35 PM
20 31 March 2024 05:29 AM 07:09 PM
21 01 April 2024 05:27 AM 07:09 PM
22 02 April 2024 05:26 AM 07:10 PM
23 03 April 2024 05:24 AM 07:11 PM
24 04 April 2024 05:23 AM 07:12 PM
25 05 April 2024 05:22 AM 07:12 PM
26 06 April 2024 05:20 AM 07:13 PM
27 07 April 2024 05:19 AM 07:14 PM
28 08 April 2024 05:17 AM 07:14 PM
29 09 April 2024 05:16 AM 07:15 PM

Ramadan 2024 Calendar and Ramadan 2024 Schedule of Roza

Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims of the world, Ramadan is the holiest month of in Islam. Every Muslim Fasts in Ramadan Kareem, as its Faraz in Islam and Quran. In the Ramadan 2024 section of Urdu Point, you can find accurate Ramadan Timetable and Ramadan Calendar 2024 for your city, or any city of the world. You can find sehar o iftar timings for your city. You can get the best Sehri timings and best Iftari timings.

2024 are available according to various sects of muslims. Either you belong to Fiqa Hanafi Sunni سنی or Fiqa Jafria Shia شیعہ sect of muslims, you can get the right Sehr o Iftar timings according to the Roza timing of your city. So bookmark this page to get accurate Fajr time and Maghrib time.

To get the latest Current Sehr o Iftar Timings, simply click on the link of any country and click on the city / region name to get the Sehr o Iftar time, and sehri iftari time. Also stay updated about Ramadan Fajr timings, and Ramadan Maghrib timings as per the Islamic method of namaz and roza.

UrduPoint's section of sehr o iftar timings also gives you sunset and sunrise timings along with the roza timing, respective of every city . So keep visiting Urdu Point to find such islamic Details in Urdu and English about Islam, Ramadan, Dua for Iftar and Sehri in Ramadan, Prayer for Iftar and Sehri in Ramadan. It's also called Sehri ki niyat dua, and Iftari ki dua.

Enjoy the true spirit of Ramadan, and May Allah bless us all, and accept our ibadah in this blessed month and may He open for us the doors of forgiveness and blessings in this month. Jazzak Allah - May Allah reward you with goodness.

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l like you

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