Prize Bond Draw Schedule list of 2018 - Dates of Prize Bond Results

Prize bond is what we consider a lottery. People who usually like to make investments to secure their money, go for the purchase of prize bonds. It is basically like investing in gold. A person primarily invests his money in buying a prize bond and then gets amount greater than that, handed back to him via random selection. If a person is lucky enough to get 1st prize then he gets twice or even thrice the times of amount that he invested but if it ain’t the first prize then one usually gets a comparatively better deal out of his investment. On the other hand, if you win nothing then you can still get a refund of your amount or you can sell it to someone who considers himself lucky enough to win. Since prize bonds are considered legal way of earning money, an estimate of 70,600 people in Pakistan, purchase prize bonds and prizes worth Rs 1.6 billion are distributed among the winners.

Number of Lucky Draws

Lucky draws are held 2 to 4 times every month in majority of the cities in Pakistan. Initially there used to be 24 draws annually but now with the increasing number of investors, the number of draws has increased to 32 per year.

Types of Saving Schemes in Pakistan

There are currently five types of saving schemes being run in the country namely;

Defense Saving Schemes

Savings Accounts

Special Saving Certificates

Regular Income Certificates

Behbood Saving Certificates

Since profit rates have increased on the following schemes, one can get a good value for their invested money if they choose the above mentioned schemes but sadly, profit margin has not increased on National Savings Scheme yet.

Draw Schedule for National Prize Bond Scheme

According to the Prize bond schedule in Pakistan, draw for one specific amount is held after three months approximately, usually four times in a year for example if draw for Rs 15,000 is held in January then next draw would be held respectively in April, July and October 2018.

Security Features on Prize Bond

Today, because of the increasing fraud cases, one often has a fear of purchasing a fake or an invalid prize bond. The National Saving Scheme’s website has issued alert against purchase of fake prize bonds by noticing the following things on the prize bond before purchase;

Government of Pakistan, written in reverse.

White Line Border or Reverse Border on bond.

White Line or Reverse Rosette that glows under UV light.

Rainbow printing on the bond.

Printed invisible denomination, visible under UV light.

W/M Paper, visible when held under a light.

Penetrating numbering on paper that shifts color to green under UV light.

Reverse image of numbers in red color on the back side of the bond.

Prize Bond Schedule and Accurate draw dates of denomination issued by Government of Pakistan and National Savings.