Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II 2020 Models in Pakistan

The most recent model Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II model is propelled in 2018 by the Pak Suzuki Motors, an auxiliary of Suzuki in Pakistan. Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II is the top-selling vehicle in Pakistan because of value items, low rate and Pak Suzuki restraining infrastructure on the compact vehicle advertisement in Pakistan. The power created by Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II 2018 is genuinely enough for giving the travellers a smooth and wonderful driving experience. The progress from zero to 60 km/hour takes just 13 seconds which is exemplary for a compact vehicle with a normal engine. It’s a 796cc vehicle with the EFI engine OHC 6 Valves mechanism creating the engine power of 40 HP@ 5500 RPM. Mehran offers a fuel average on the highway of 18 KM/L while 13KM/L inside the city. Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II 2020 has the gearbox of 4-speed manual transmission. With a completely synchromesh manual transmission framework, the vehicle runs pretty easily even on the harsh streets of the country.