BMW Cars 2020 Models in Pakistan

BMW is abbreviated for “Bavaria Motor Works” and has turned into an image of extravagance and costly vehicles today. 12 years prior in January 2004, Dewan Group got the rights to BMW in Pakistan. Dewan Farooq, specifically, held the BMW venture here, a similar group who amassed and sold Hyundai vehicles through Pakistan's most developed car collecting plant, as detailed by different wellsprings of the car business. Be that as it may, BMW wasn't gathered here rather it was imported to Pakistan.

In August 2010, Dewan Motors presented the 6th era of BMW 5 Series at a cost of 75 lac rupees. After two years in 2012, BMW presented the 2013 BMW 3 Series, which around then was valued at 45 lac rupees for the base model. 2013 stayed a standout amongst their best a long time in Pakistan with a development of 200 percent.

New BMW 7 Series has been seen here in Pakistan in numerous urban areas. The Luxurious range of BMW incorporates X1 Series, X4, and X5 Series. New 2020 models of BMW cars are often seen at roads and they grab the attention whoever is passing by because of its royal designing. You can check the latest BMW 2020 car models and prices in Pakistan by selecting the car model below.

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