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Urdu Point gives Pakistan latest news with great accuracy. The site gives special Pakistan news today. The site provides accurate unbiased today news Pakistan. Most of Pakistan newspaper are also doing biased reporting. BCC news Pakistanare comparatively unbiased. All the news given on live news channels Pakistanmay not be authentic as these days everyone has access to social media. Urdu Point gives authentic and unbiased daily news Pakistan. All the news Pakistanare given on one web page. Now one can google news Pakistanand get accurate news on our site. Urdu Point provides exclusive Pakistan business news. All the special Pakistan sports news re given on the web page. Accurate and unbiased Pakistani political news are given by the site.

Urdu Point gives timely Pakistan stock exchange news. Urdu point gives live TV news Pakistan. All the events in current news Pakistanare illustrated by the Urdu Point. PTV sports live broadcasts all the sports activities around the globe. Urdu Point gives Pakistan cricket news. All the latest news Pakistanare given by the web page. Urdu Point gives timely Pakistan news live on one web page. Pakistan super league is a successful sports event of Pakistan. And people are crazy about PSL and they want to know news about PSL schedule 2016. Urdu Point tells PSL live news. The site provides PSL live streaming. It facilitates cricket lovers by giving PSL live score update.