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Read Today's Latest Technology News from Pakistan and World. News about Mobilink, Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Zong and Warid. PTA News. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, PTCL Update and WiTribe News. Reviews and Mobile Unboxing and Reviews.

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Technology is the biggest sensation of 21st century. It has effected the world at a great level. Now a days, every individual is being effected by technology. Everyone wants to be aware about new technology. They don't want to miss a chance to know about technology news. Urdu Point provides exclusive technology news Pakistan. The technology Pakistan industry is getting improved with the passage of time. Urdu Point gives the information of bitcoin price in Pakistan. All the information about bitcoin Pakistan and litecoin Pakistan is given by Urdu Point. Yayvo is one of the biggest online shopping website. Urdu Point gives news about All the authentic Nokia news are given for the users. News about news phones of Samsung Pakistan is also given by Urdu Point. Apple Pakistan have become everyone's first choice but Qmobile have more sale rate because of many reasons.

OPPO mobile is also getting famous in Pakistan. Featured news about Huawei Pakistan are also given by the site. Urdu Point gives news about Comsats institute of information technology. Admissions news and technologynews about NUST and LUMS is also provided for students. Technology news about national university of sciences and technology is also given by Urdu Point. New technologykeeps on coming with each passing day. News on Pakistan telecommunication authority are also provided by Urdu Point. PTCLnews are also given for example news about PTCL package. Urdu Point provides jazz news. All the ufone news are provided for the users. People wants to know about Warid news. Urdu Point provides authentic Telenor news about its packages. Technology news about the mobilink news and Zong news are also provided by Urdu Point. News about internet down are also provided by Urdu Point. PTCL down often happens in Pakistan.

Urdu Point provides gadget updates. Urdu Point provides new technology laptop news. All the news about mobile phones are provided by Urdu Point. Urdu Point provides mobile phone updates. Authentic news about new mobile phones are provided for the users. News about mobile phones are given for those who wants to use it. News updates about Jazz call packages are provided by Urdu point. News about zong 4G packages are given by Urdu Point. Technologynews about jazz, ufone, Warid, telenore, mobilink, and zongare provided for the users. Urdu Point provides news updates about zong internet package. Urdu point provides technology news with great authenticity. For interested users, the site provides technology news articles. All the computer technology news are given by Urdu Point. Informative gadget news are also being provided. One can know tech news today as well.