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Lollywood refers to the showbiz industry of Pakistan. There was a decline in Pakistani films. But now the whole Pakistani cinema has evolved. As far as Pakistani drama is concerned it always have been great viewership around the globe. Now a lot of Urdu dramas are being translated in different languages. Urdu Point provides Lollywood news from Pakistan. Urdu Point provides showbiz news with complete honesty and accuracy. Authentic and honest Lollywood news are being provided to the users. All the news of showbiz Pakistan are being provided to the people. Now a day's people seems interested in knowing Lollywood gossip. There are a lot of Lollywood scandals in Lollywood industry and Urdu Point reports them with complete accuracy.

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All the Pakistani film news are being provided by the site. Urdu Point gives hum TV drama news for interested viewers. Urdu Point also provides geo drama news. All the news updates about Pakistani music is also provided. An accurate list of Lollywood movies is also provided. All Pakistani drama page posts videos of upcoming serials. Pakistan stage drama is facing decline these days. A lot of websites provides Pakistan drama online. Urdu Point gives Pakistan drama list. Pakistani drama actresses are making their marks in the world with their great acting skills. Urdu Point provides authentic Lollywood news. Pakistani showbiz news in Urdu are also being provided. A complete information about Pakistani showbiz affairs is also given.

Urdu Point provides news about Pakistani showbiz couples. All the news about Pakistani showbiz weddings are also given. All the Pakistani showbiz magazines are enhancing their reporting criteria. Urdu Point also provides Indian showbiz news. Authentic news about Pakistani TV actors are given. Pakistani actors male are making us all proud with their work. Urdu Point gives news about Pakistani drama actors male. Urdu Point gives news about Pakistani actors female. Information about Pakistani drama actors female is also provided by Urdu Point.