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Due to the diverse and sudden change in global politics and international relations, everyone is interested to see world news about their friends and enemy states both. There are very less sites that are doing unbiased reporting about global scenario. Urdu Point gives world news today. The site provides world news live streaming for its users. BBC world news is one of the accurate news giving and it tries to do unbiased reporting but still not every news group is totally unbiased. Urdu Point gives latest world news. The site provides accurate breaking world news.

Urdu Point gives unbiased, accurate and timely news world. It provides exclusive world news headlines for the users. CNN world newsis also a news group, covering whole world political and social events. PTV world news gives a little biased news towards government. Urdu Point provides world latest news for its users. All the important world breaking news are given by the site. CPEC is a project of global importance. Urdu Point gives accurate CPEC news. After a lot of proceedings in China Pakistan relationswhole world is looking forward to the results of these relations for both nations.

Urdu Point gives accurate news about Pak China relations. Urdu Point gives all the latest news about America and Pakistan relations. Indo Pak relations are of great importance for both states. Urdu Point provides news about India Pakistan relations. It gives all the scenario of India Pakistan dispute. As we are getting close to China, politically and socially. People of both states want to know the news about neighboring country. Urdu Point all the China news. The site also gives accurate India news. The site also provides perspective of Indian news Pakistan. Urdu Point gives all the accurate Kashmir news for the global readers.

There is no state who is not interesting in knowing USA news. Urdu Point gives American news. All the concerned countries wants to know white house news as soon as it is possible for them. Guardian is also covering news reports about global politics and society. Urdu Point gives accurate international news. The site have the privilege of breaking international news with great accuracy and timeliness. It also have the facility of breaking global news with accuracy. Urdu Point posts all the news from the world. People are concerned about knowing news from globe.