Chemical Industries

 Chemical Industries

Chemical Industries Mian Idrees in business sector as well as for charity and public welfare, truly following the footprints of latter's father Haji Bashir. He said it was pleasing the investment was increasing, both in the public and private sectors after the government successfully tackled the challenges of energy crisis and terrorism.

"Some two years ago, there was electricity, neither for industrial nor the domestic consumers. There used to be protest demonstrations everywhere against load shedding of up to 12 hours. But today, the industry was being supplied uninterrupted power supply," he said.

The prime minister said besides ending the load shedding, the government was also striving for low-cost power generation to reduce the commodity prices and enhance country's exports. He said the increased revenue could bring in development projects to country, improve health and education sectors, road infrastructure besides ultimately alleviating poverty and unemployment.

He said after 1998, the previous government failed to expand motorway network from ahead of Lahore that was supposed to connect with Karachi and Gwadar. "But now we are heading forward. Work on Lahore-Multan-Sukkur Motorway was underway.

Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway was also being constructed. Work on Sukkur-Hyderabad Motorway will start by this year's end or early next year. After this, we will be proud to have motorway from Karachi to Peshawar," the prime minister said.

He said the highways and motorways were being constructed in every nook and cranny of Balochistan and Hazara Motorway, being built in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, would be completed by next year. Another motorway between Shorkot and Gojra was under construction, he added.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said in absence of better road infrastructure, the businessmen could not transport their products to local or international markets. He also mentionined the government's project of farm to market road.

He said the national economy was in take-off position after the government's successful efforts against terrorism and for economic revival that was also being acknowledged by the international institutions.

He said several power plants were being installed across the country based on hydel, coal, solar and wind resources. The prime minister said the nationalization of industries in 1960s was a setback for national economy and assured SCIL to remove all bottlenecks in the operations of the power plant.

Referring to government's efforts for revival of national institutions, the prime minister said the PIA would be revived into one of the best airlines in the world as a premier service has recently been launched. It is also up to the people to take care of this service and protect it from any degradation.