11 Drug Dealers Arrested, Recovered Hashish, Heroin, Ice And Liquor


11 drug dealers arrested, recovered hashish, heroin, ice and liquor

ATTOCK, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th May, 2024) Following the orders of Chief Minister Punjab and IG Punjab to eliminate drugs, Attock Police on Wednesday arrested 11 drug dealers from across the district and recovered hashish, heroin, ice and alcohol from their possession.

Police Station City Attock recovered 1250 grams of hashish from drug smuggler Ayub Khan R/O Madani Chowk Attock, 686 grams of hashish from Muhammad Tariq resident of Darussalam Colony Attock, 500 grams of hashish from Osama resident of Samudrabad Attock and 520 grams of hashish from Naeem Khan from Jand. Similarly, the Hazro police station recovered 2194 grams of hashish, 137 grams of heroin and 106 grams of ice from the notorious drug dealer Mohammad Khaqan, a resident of Saidhan Hazro, while the Pindigheb police recovered 1600 grams of hashish from drug dealer Waqar Afzal from Pindigheb during checking.

In another operation, Injara police station recovered 560 grams of hashish from the possession of drug dealer Sohail Iqbal, resident of Jand. Similarly, the Attock police recovered 550 grams of hashish from Muhammad Nauman from Jand and 20 liters of liquor from Bashir Hussain from Jand, Police station Fateh Jang and Bahtar police recovered 10 liters of liquor from liquor supplier Azhar Hussain Sukna Ratwal Fateh Jang and Muhammad Manzoor from Jabi Kisran recovered 15 liters of liquor from Fateh Jang. Separate cases were registered against all the arrested accused under the Narcotics Act and sent to jail.