14 One-wheelers Rounded Up

14 one-wheelers rounded up

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th August, 2016) :- District Police under its special drive against one-wheelers have arrested 14 youngsters and registered cases on the violation of the law. According to Police, strict action is being taken against one-wheelers as the activity is strictly banned in the city.

Special drive was launched to curb the activity and no relaxation is being given to anyone while under section 99/A, FIRs are being registered against the violators.

Gujar Khan police netted Usama Sheraz.

Waris Khan police rounded up Ahsan, Hassan Jameel and Muhammad Yasin. Sadiqabad police arrested Malik Waseem. Similarly, New Town police apprehended Daniyal Ahmed. Cantt police sent behind the bars Sajjad Ali, Kashif Ali, Ali Murtaza, Adnan Arshad and Saad, found indulged in one-wheeling, rash and dangerous driving. Naseerabad police booked Ahmed Kiani and Arslan while Taxila police nabbed Raheel Talib on severe traffic rules violation.