2nd Edition Of Book "ZIKAR ZINDAN JO" By Moula Bux Chandio Published

2nd edition of Book "ZIKAR ZINDAN JO" by Moula Bux Chandio published

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 10th Augst,2016) : The second edition of book written by Advisor to the Chief Minister Sindh on Information and Archives Department, Moula Bux Chandio based on his jail diary "Ziker-Zindan-Jo" has been published.

Zikare Zindan Jo is a jail diary, written by Moula Bux Chandio spending time with other common prisoners, in which he shares feelings and experiences of common jail inmates hailing from lower class, said a statement on Wednesday. The statement said that his book `Zikar Zindan Jo' was published first time in 1999.