31 Kanals State Land Worth Rs.21.2m Reclaimed

31 Kanals state land worth Rs.21.2m reclaimed

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Jan, 2024) The revenue department has reclaimed 31 Kanal state land worth Rs.21.2 million from land grabbers on the orders of the Punjab Ombudsman.

A spokesman for the district administration said here on Sunday that Punjab Ombudsman Major (Retired) Azam Suleman Khan, after hearing complaints, had ordered revenue department and administration officers to take action against the Qabza mafia and retrieve state land from their illegal possession.

Therefore, revenue and administration officers launched an operation against land grabbers and retrieved state land of 31 Kanals from their possession which has the market value of Rs.21.2 million, he added.