32,268 Animals Vaccinated

32,268 animals vaccinated

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd September, 2016) : The livestock department has so far vaccinated 32,268 animals against ticks attack at entry points of the district. District Livestock Officer Dr.

Saleha Gill said here Friday the department had set up special posts at all entry points and cattle markets in the district and staff had been deputed for spray and vaccination of animals.

She said 93 big and 459 small animals brought from other provinces had been vaccinated against tick attack by the staff while 6023 big and 11,033 small animals have so far been brought in temporary cattle markets and they had been sprayed.

Likewise, 5,030 big and 9,628 small animals at cattle markets have been vaccinated against tick attack by the staff.