4 Vehicles Damaged In A Pig Collision Near Zero Point

4 vehicles damaged in a pig collision near Zero Point

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) :The commuters luckily escaped serious injuries when four vehicles on Exressway near Zero Point rammed into each other when a former collided with a pig, who died on the spot.

The incident turned into a bitter verbel quarrel among commuters on Wednesday night when a frustrated lady driver shouted over her new Honda City car's destruction, for which she had just applied for registeration.

Many people had gathered around the incident. Arshad Majeed, the fifth commuter who escaped the incident by inches, said, " It was just like a bolt from the blue as nobody was ready for a sharp enterance of a wild animal and every vehicle was moving at almost 100km per hour".

Four cars were badly damaged in vehicular assault, he added. He said it was a big animal who smashed into a Suzuki Wagnor car and died on the spot and every victim of the incident was lucky to escape a serious injury.

Later the things got settled among commuters peacefully and every body left for their destination, taking the incident as God's will. The victims however strongly protested and urged the authorities concerened to ensure more safety measures to stop entry of the animals on raods to avoid further loss.