544 Challans Submitted In Courts To Curb Substandard Cotton Seed


544 challans submitted in courts to curb substandard cotton seed

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Dec, 2016 ) : Ministry of Textile Industry has submitted 544 challans of cotton seed dealers in courts of law during last two years to curb sub-standard and uncertified seed production.

A quantity of 40,557 kg of uncertified and fake cotton seed was forfeited during the period.

Official sources on Monday said to curb sale of substandard seed, Inspectors of department visit markets and challan seed dealers, found selling uncertified sub-standard seed.

During the year 2014-15, the certified/quality cotton seed availability was 20,715.45 Ton which was 51.83 percent of total seed requirement. Similarly, the sources said during year 2015-16, the certified/quality cotton seed availability was 34,520.82 Ton which was 86.37 percent while during 2016-17, cotton seed availability was 29,363.96 Ton which was 73.46 per cent.