Agriculture Official Stresses Creating Awareness About Pest Scouting

Agriculture official stresses creating awareness about pest scouting

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd August, 2016) : District Officer Agriculture Chaudhry Naseer Ahmed has directed the field officers to create awareness among farmers about the process of continuous pest scouting for enhanced farm production. He paid a visit to Makhdoom Rasheed Centre here on Tuesday.

The official directed the department employees to pay regular visits to cotton fields and train farmers properly in the pest scouting. The pests should not reach the level of economic losses.

About sucking pests, he guided them to enter field from a corner and select at least 20 leaves from cotton plants. Take one leaf from upper side of the first plant, second leaf from middle of second plant and third leaf from lower portion of the third plant.

Check 20 leaves in this way and count them. The number of pests should be compared with level of economic losses, which was defined by the agriculture experts. He also urged farmers to contact agriculture offices for guidance.