Alhamra Hosts Captivating Sarangi Evening

Alhamra hosts captivating Sarangi evening

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th May, 2024) The Alhamra Arts Centre hosted an enchanting evening of Sarangi music, captivating the audience with the traditional instrument's rich and dynamic sounds.

Renowned musician Zohaib Hassan and other artists presented their mastery, weaving intricate melodies that deeply resonated with the listeners, said a spokesperson here on Saturday.

The event highlighted the versatility of the Sarangi as artists performed both classical and folk pieces, with each note evoking a profound emotional response.

Chairman Alhamra Razi Ahmed expressed his pride in hosting the Sarangi evening.

He said, "The event beautifully showcased our rich musical heritage and received immense appreciation from the audience." He added, "Alhamra remains committed to preserving and promoting classical music traditions."

Alhamra Executive Director Sarah Rashid expressed her delight at the event's success and reaffirmed platform's commitment to celebrating and preserving cultural heritage.

Comprising music enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs, the audience praised the performers for their exceptional skills and heartfelt renditions.

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