Ali Gilani Hails Courage Of IOK People During Ongoing Repression


Ali Gilani hails courage of IOK people during ongoing repression

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd july,2016) : The Chairman of All Parties Hurriyet Conference,Syed Ali Gilani, has saluted the courage and dedication of the people of the territory during these tough days of oppression at the hands of Indian occupational forces. According to KMS, Ali Gilani was addressing a gathering from Hyderpora and adjoining areas, especially youth and women who wanted to meet him but were stopped by Indian police at the airport road.

He addressed the gathering through the window of his office-cum-residence and appealed to the people not to be swayed by the hollow and false slogans of democracy, humanity and Kashmiriyat and remain steadfast in their struggle.

He also asked them to maintain discipline and endorse and follow the protest programme given by the Hurriyet leadership. The APHC Chairman strongly reacted to Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh's speech in the Parliament wherein he had said that "we uphold the ethos of democracy, humanity and Kashmiriyat".

He said that the Kashmiris had tasted the fruits of the Indian democracy for the last 69 years. Their so-called democracy has forcibly occupied our territory and they use all their undemocratic means to suppress our just struggle, he added. Regarding humanity, Syed Ali Gilani said, "Indian rulers should feel ashamed to utter words like humanity as they are most unhuman and brutal people and if anybody wants to see the imprints of their so-called humanity they should come and see how every nook and corner of Kashmir is stained with the blood of innocents.

They have butchered more than 6 lakh people here in Jammu and Kashmir and the killing spree still has no end. Their `humanity' echoes in every house of Kashmir. They may hoodwink their own people or others but not us, as we have seen their criminal and cruel face for the last seven decades." "Even their own people in India like Dalits and low caste Hindus are not safe at the hands of these champions of `humanity'," he added. Referring to `Kashmiriyat' by Indian Home Minister, the APHC Chairman said, "We are in better know-how of our centuries old human and ethical traditions and we don't need lecture from anybody especially those whose hands are drenched in the human blood especially that of Kashmiris.

We hold our tradition even in the toughest times and we are proud of these values and our non-Muslim brothers stand testimony to our beliefs." Terming the pro-India Kashmiri politicians as the collaborators of the bloodshed and genocide of the Kashmiris and the paid goons of Delhi, he said,"They help our killers just for their personal benefits, but they must remember that history doesn't spare anybody and they will be remembered as the tools of these butchers and will have to pay a heavy price if not here then hereafter."